What is the ACA?
The American Creativity Association is a global network of creative professionals in disciplines ranging from business and industry to education and the arts. For more than a decade, ACA has been a primary resource for learning and applying creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and ideation theory, tools, and techniques .

Who belongs to the ACA?
ACA draws professionals from fields as diverse as business and industry, education and the arts, science and technology, and government and military from the Americas, Europe, the Far East, and Africa. What they have in common is that their jobs require not only new and innovative thinking, but creative thinking on demand. They rely on ACA for the latest in "thinking about thinking."

What makes ACA different from other creativity/innovation organization?
We're not an organization of creativity trainers dedicated to promoting a particular creativity technique. We are an association of professionals from many fields whose work demands that we use deliberate creativity on a daily basis. ACA members benefit from cross-disciplinary interaction with other top professionals worldwide.
What will I get from joining ACA?
The ACA sponsors annual national conventions, regional meetings,  and updates members on creativity trends, planned events, and member activities. You will learn about the latest programs, models, and methods in creativity training, research, and consulting. You will be able to readily access resources such as books, videos, articles, and tools. You will connect with other creative professionals to share ideas, theories, research, and information with professionals from many fields.
I already work with some of the most creative people in my field. Why do I need ACA?
Creativity is a skill, just like athletic ability. Some people are naturally better at it than others. But professional athletes still use professional coaches and trainers and they practice their skills constantly both on and off the field of play. ACA fills the role of coach and trainer for professionals who need to constantly upgrade their thinking skills, tools, and techniques.


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