ACA is an incorporated 501(c)3 nonprofit, membership-driven organization dedicated to promoting the development of personal and professional creativity  throughout the US and in a number of other countries.

The ACA views creativity as a discipline and defines the field in broad terms to include psychological and social processes as well as implementation processes (innovation) and impacts.

The ACA acts as a forum for professionals seeking to explore and develop traditional and new ideas and technologies that promote creativity.

The ACA fosters the rigorous, yet respectful, fact-based examination of these ideas and technologies in order to develop a valid and growing knowledge base for our discipline. The Association refrains from endorsing specific approaches.

The ACA embraces members from all points of society and from all professions and encourages the widest possible dialogue through the use of a variety of media and venues.

The ACA regards creativity as a vital part of every profession and views the development of creativity skills as a professional requirement for both individuals and organizations.                                        

The American Creativity Association is the virtual academy that leaders and professionals in the field of creativity turn to as the primary source of ideas and information dealing with creativity and where initiates to the field can begintheir journey of discovery.

The American Creativity Association (ACA) is the national organization of professionals in the field of creativity. Through its programs and services, it offers individuals and organizations opportunities for learning, professional development and networking. It is dedicated to enhancing the use of creativity throughout our society for the betterment of the human condition.  

To achieve its mission, the ACA provides:
1) Forums to present, test and exchange ideas;

2) Opportunities for networking and fellowship;

3) Clearing house services for information on the state of the art in creativity research and practice; and

4) Means to link theorists and practitioners.

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