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Released from Abu Dhabi Prison


Great news! Dr. Alan Black was released from Al Wathba prison in Abu Dhabi this Tuesday, November 17, where he had been held since October 21, after being detained for taking pictures of restricted areas. The court found his action was committed with no ill-intent, and ordered the minimum fine of AED 500 (about $135). Alan is now safely home, recovering from his ordeal.                

Alan’s family asks that he be allowed time and privacy to recuperate. He needs rest and will not be granting media interviews until he is ready. At that time, he will contact friends, colleagues, and others.

Our sincere thanks to you and our extended creative community for your support and concern.


Special thanks to the Friends of Alan Black, an informal group that had been working for his release, including Rosemary Rein, Mahmoud Arafa, Tara Coste, Tim Hurson, Harry Vardis, Gregg Fraley, Diane Rezendes, and Eileen Doyle  and to the many others who offered help along the way, including Kathysue Dorey, Bonnie Cramond, Jamie O’Boyle, Bob Eckert, Jhanavi Pathak, Peter deJager, and especially Alan’s children, Jessica Beasley and Scott Black. Thanks also to the many people who donated funds to help pay legal expenses and to the nearly 4,000 people who signed the petition supporting Alan.








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